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Basic Building Design
  • Sheetrock walls, metal studs, 9' tall with white or off-white painted walls
  • Vinyl 12"x12" commercial glue down tile or commercial glue down carpet, choice basic colors, with vinyl baseboards.
  • Ceiling tiles 2'x2' ceiling tiles suspended ceilings with insulation on top.
  • Building interior walls and roof to be insulated.
  • Air conditioning and heating provided on calculated capacity for adequate heating cooling. Individual meters for utility bills provided by SLEMCO.
  • Water and sewerage provided by the City of Broussard, La with individual meters.
  • Wiring for telephone, cable, internet, alarm systems etc provided by individual with tenant choice of available providers in the area. Wiring must be provided for construction and coordinated with Landlord for appropriate access to the building construction.
  • Restrooms to have adequate white fixtures to meet all Federal and state regulations. Toilet paper holders provided.
  • Lighting to be 48" dual fluorescent lights hung in suspended ceilings. Adequate electrical outlets provided in work areas.
  • Façade and entrance to be stucco on gypsum board with glass entrance door windows as per drawing.
  • Covered parking in rear.
  • Parking in front of building per layout.
  • Additional parking in rear of all buildings.
  • Building signage provided by tenant and approved by property owner prior installation.
  • Main sign pole to be placed at main entrance (in center op property) to be built phase II and signage will be provided by tenant and allowed on main sign.
Site Statistics

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